The Beautiful Saba Qamar marks a kickass debut on YouTube.

Saba Qamar is one of the finest actors of our country, celebrated for her plays like Baaghi, Cheekh, Dastaan, Digest Writer, etc. She is also famous for her work in an Indian film “Hindi Medium”. She is also known for her fierce attitude. The 36-year-old actress first dropped her teaser which amazed her fans. It was surely not an average teaser and after bantering for weeks, Saba Qamar has finally made a debut on YouTube. The first video is a part of series ISOLATION, produced by Qamar herself and directed by Shiraz Malik. It has been premiered by 34,639 people in just 21 hours.

Saba Qamar

As the name suggests, the video perfectly depicts the present-day situation amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The video begins with a hurried appearance at the actor’s actual life before the quarantine. A rushed mixture of her life is shown enjoying with her contemporaries and family at the start of the video. From there the onlookers are engaged upon the existing state where she is questioning her existence.
“This is a lesson for everyone,” Saba Qamar says. “Consider it charity for the undeserving like you and I. When this hurricane rests, when people reunite, somehow this phase passes, and then there will be no regrets. Remember this lesson.”
The chapter is inscribed by Saba Qamar herself, exhibiting a fine-looking changeover of life full of hustle and celebration suddenly changing into solitary.

With this presentation, Saba Qamar has definitely raised the bar high for celebrities who always come up with average vlogs. Have a look at the video and let us know your views in the comments below.