Catching up with Tik toker Humna aka Samosiiii

The Makeup Artist Humna aka Samosiiii is a 22-year-old girl living in Karachi. She is a fabulous Makeup/Fashion content creator. She is a talented Pakistani influencer with a great number of followers on TikTok and Instagram .


She is well-known for her incredible makeup skills. Her fans are obsessed with her makeup. One of her fans commented on a video saying that she is the CEO of being unproblematic Tik Toker which likes to spread positivity. And we completely agree with this statement.

Tik toker Samosiiii in a conversation with us

She answered by telling her real name. She says, My real name is Humna, I am 22 and I’m a blogger and self-taught makeup artist.

SP : What is your quarantine routine?

Answer : Quarantine is being stressful but it’s not stopping me from doing some soul searching and let my art flow through it. Im focusing much more on my self, Getting closer to my family, my cat and my sibling more than ever before.

SP: As you have great make-up skills so what do you love more about make-up?

Answer: That It lets you express yourself.

SP: How old were you when you become obsessed with make-up?

Answer: 18

SP: What is that one product you can’t work without?

Answer: Ah I can’t tell one product.

SP: Will you choose make-up as your profession in future?

Answer: Well yeah its either makeup or blogging or maybe both.

SP: If someone told you that they hate your make-up, what would you do?

Answer: Not everyone has great taste, haha. jokes aside, people have their own preferences, if someone doesn’t like my content or my makeup, it’s their choice, they probably like something that I don’t.

SP: As you have great number of followers, beside love, how do you deal with hate?

Answer: I try to ignore negativity always. But if someone is bothering me alot, i just block them .

SP: As you’re also a tiktoker, how come you choose a platform that internet loves to troll?

Answer: Well, Content creators get trolled on every single platform whether it’s facebook or tiktok and apparently i didn’t choose tiktok, i have been on the app before it became tiktok and it’s just a convenient app to record videos.

SP: Which people inspired you so far?

Answer: There are many people who inspires me but the biggest inspiration for me are challenges.
I like to challenge my self to do better.

SP: What skills do you have apart from doing creative make-up?

Answer: Im just good at ART any kind or form it i think.

SP: What message you want to give to youngsters?

Answer: Tiktok is very popular right now and a lot of youngsters are crazy about it thinking that its the easiest way to get fame, to an extent is but it doesn’t last long. Its all a hit or miss in most of the cases. Use it smartly.

SP: Tiktok fame in one word?

Answer: Short term.

SP: What are content creators to you?

Answer: To me, content creators are ambassadors of positivity on social media and
people who are true and dedicated to their content are great content creators.

SP: What motivates you?

Answer: People who love me and appreciate what i do. My family, my friends and of course my samosay (fans).

SP: Who is your favourite tiktoker?

Answer: The list is long but i like people who have their own content.

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