The hunky masterpiece of pak showbiz industry

Since our childhood we have seen a lot of people come and go on the screen but there are some faces in the pak showbiz industry that have left their mark in our hearts and we can’t ignore them even if we wanted to. One of these people is the very dashing Fawad Khan. Khan’s been around for a while now and he’s definitely a heart throb if you ask us 😉

To appreciate his smoke, we bring you all the times he’s left us awestruck with his beautiful looks!the handsome man from pak showbiz industry

The babe of pak showbiz industry!

Although, Fawad looks stunning in every shoot and picture we still managed to assemble some of our most favouraites. And so here is our list!

This one time when he looked ravishing in a blue and black combination <3

Fawad Khan

Oh how handsome does he look in this black shirt! Definitely something we’d love to look at for the rest of our lives!

the hunky masterpiece of p ak showbiz industry

How can we forget this denim goodness. This guy looks oh so amazing in everything he puts on himself!

Fawad Khan

And how can we even forget how ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING he looked in this all black pant suit. Even a hater would start drooling over this picture of Fawad!

The hunky masterpiece of pak showbiz industry

Anyone who hates winters would definitely change the way they think after seeing this sweater season shoot of Fawad. His looks are terribley dangerous if you ask us!

The hunky masterpiece of pak showbiz industry

That is it for our article today! Let us know what you would like to see next on Showbiz Pakistan!


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