Turgut from Ertugrul Gazi is the New Crush of Pakistani Girls


Adoring everything that the Turkish serial on Ertugrul Gazi brings to the table and Pakistani young ladies has ended up swooning over Turgut!


Played by Cengiz Coşkun, Turgut has been taking hearts of Pakistanis each time he shows up on the screen:

The girls were in love!

You’re not alone, bohat competition hai:

Crush update hua hi tha ke dil ke armaan aansuon mei beh gaye 😂

Spot on!


Jo baat hai!

I think half the awaam would agree!

Girls were taken aback by his swag!


Hayeee Turgut!!!

Ours too!

We are!

People are obsessed!

You and a thousand other girls…

Humain bhiiiii!

People were sharing his iconic dialogues:

He proved to be a great example of friendship:


We saw what you did there:


Weird flex, but okay:


Haha, yeh cheez!

Ours too 😭

Dua kareinge:


People were quick to find look alikes!

He was a major hero update for many guys:

He’s even had men admiring him:

It sure does!

You don’t need to tell us:

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