Urwa Hocane’s Wedding Gift in 2016

Urwa Hocane is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry.
Initially starring as a VJ, she made her acting debut with the drama “Meri Ladli” and has given numerous hit dramas and films along with her career.

Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hocane’s Marriage

Urwa is a famous personality throughout the country and is also the spouse of Farhan Saeed who is also an accomplished artist. The power couple makes appearances in events and shares the limelight.

Urwa and Farhan
Urwa Hocane's Wedding Gift in 2016

Urwa is also the sister of Mawra Hocane, who is also an acclaimed celebrity. Recently Mawra shared a sneak-peek into Urwa’s wedding gifts and shared, “When Urwa was getting married my mother asked Urwa that what do you want from me as a wedding gift? Urwa replied, a bag full of lights”.

Urwa Hocane's Wedding Gift in 2016

Urwa stated that she has a collection of different lights at her house.
That’s an interesting hobby.

Urwa Hocane's Wedding Gift in 2016

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