5 Top Most Trending Pakistan Showbiz Latest News

Every season, every month, and more likely every day comes with another controversial or non-controversial topic in Pakistan showbiz latest news. Sometimes it’s the political issue; sometimes it’s some celebrities’ wedding, some new film, and more. Today we will be telling you 5 top Pakistan showbiz latest news that was trending around the internet for past days.

Pakistan Showbiz Latest Trending News:

We will be covering some spicy, controversial, not os controversial and all sort of our selected 5 latest news of showbiz Pakistan.

1. Momal Sheikh Welcomes New Family Memeber:

Momal Sheikh just welcomed the new baby in her family which is surprising and adorable all the same time. She has been active on her Instagram handle and has been posting pictures frequently, and we kid you not non of us could even doubt that she is about to have a baby. Isn’t it just stunning?


Well, the picture she posted recently with her newborn is absolutely gorgeous. And we really wish all the blessings towards the baby Pakistan showbiz latest news.

2. Feroze Khan POV On Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case:

Sushant Singh Rajput’s dismiss has been nerve-wracking for almost everyone in this world. It has been more than two months since he has passed, but the grieve and craze for his justice haven’t stopped yet. Our Feroze Khan, who is quite active on social media nowadays, posted as a story on Instagram of Sushant and his alleged girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty. His girlfriend is one of the suspects of his murder. Feroze Khan wrote: “Khoobsurat shakal or khoobsurat serat do alag cheezein hain. People can be dead pretty and whole evil inside of them could be living! Watch Be Careful what you get get yourself into.”

3. Noor Zafar Khan Clears The Rumors:

Shahveer Jeffery is one of the top famous vloggers and YouTubers of Pakistan. His youtube game is entertaining and strong that gets quite a lot of views as well. Lately, Noor Zafar Khan has been seen within his vlogs a lot, and both of them appeared to hang out a lot. Not just that, Shahveer Jaffery and Noor Zafar Khan appeared together in the Ahsan Khan show. This bonding leads our viewers to the doubt that they might be dating. But this rumor has been canceled by Noor Zafar Khan herself, saying that Sahveer is like a brother.  

4. Amal Muneeb Turns 1 And It’s All Over the Internet:

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s daughter Amal Muneeb is undoubtedly the cutest creature in the Pakistan showbiz, and we love to watch the blue eyes doll. At least that’s what she looks like. The cute Amal Muneeb just turned one on 30th August, and the internet is full with her pictures. A lot of actress of Pakistan showbiz claims to be her khala which is quite interesting.

5. Taimur Jamshed With His Daughter:

Junaid Jamshed is living in our hearts forever, and anything related to him never fails to catch our attention. And this time, his son Taimur Jamshed’s cute picture with his daughter is going viral, which is undoubtedly cute and adorable.

 These were our 5 top most trending Pakistan Showbiz latest news. Which of these latest news were the most shocking for you guys?