Asim Azhar is all set to release an unplugged version if Humraah marks on #1 trending.

Asim to release unplugged version of Humraah.
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The much-loved singer of the Pakistani entertainment industry Asim Azhar has released its first Bollywood song Humraah.

Asim Azhar
Asim Azhar Humrah in the film Malang.

Amidst the rivalry between the two countries and suspended cultural collaborations Asim Azhar has released its first venture Humraah. The news came as surprise to many people because his version is coming long after the release of the film, with the same track already been released in Sachin Tendons’ voice.
Although Azhar wrote the song originally, it was never released because of the intense situation between Pakistan and India.

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Nevertheless, Asim Azhar was given his due credits in the official poster of the film below:

Asim Azhar is all set to release an unplugged version if Humraah marks on #1 trending.
The official poster of the film “Malang” and Asim name in the second row.

The song was scheduled to release on 1st day of Eid but due to the horrific incident of the PIA plane crash, the song was released on the 3rd day of Eid. In just two hours Azhars song reached 104 K views.
In just 24 hours, the song reached half a million views and the singer promised to release its unplugged version if it reaches 1 million.

The singer thanked Almighty and his fans for making it popular in 24 hours. He took twitter to share the current ratings of Humraah on YouTube.

Asim Azhar song Humraah on top trends.

Previously Asims song Jo Tu Na Mila also crossed 100 Million views on YouTube which is quite pleasant for the growing music industry of Pakistan.

We wish the star all the best for his upcoming venture. May he continue to rise and shine, making his country fellowmen proud.

What do you think about the song ? Have you listen it? If not check it below:

Asim Azhar’s Humraah currently on number 4.
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