Bilal Maqsood keeping us entertained in this quarantine.

Bilal Maqsood, the co-founder of popular Pakistan pop band “Strings”, is the son of a famous writer, TV artist, host, and comedian Anwar Maqsood.

Bilal Maqsood

Strings have to be one of the easiest recognizable musical acts in the country, ruling the hearts from the past three decades. Their iconic hits include Sar Kye Pahr, Mera Bichraa Yaar, Yeh Hai Mere Kahani, and most recently Sajni and Raat Shabnami.

Bilal Maqsood keeping us entertained in this quarantine.

During the current pandemic, he is trying his level best to keep us all entertained with his witty sense of humor and incredibly written songs. He recently released a video on his IGTV titled “Thak Sa Gaya Hoon”, trying to communicate his thoughts to the world. The lyrics of the song are currently below:
Jeeta Nahi Par
Hara Nahi Hoon
Thora Thak Sa Gaya Hoon
Toota Hua Hoon
Bikhura Nahi Hoon
Thora Sa Thak Gaya Hoon
Khamoosh Hoon Mein
Bhoola Nahi Hoon
Thora Thak Sa Gaya Hoon.
With 21,351 views in a day, the lyrics perfectly depict our current feelings during this pandemic. Check his feelings in the link below:

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