Churails Review: Heroines or Goons

A feminist web series review

Churails- A web series that reviews how women can turn their misery into their strength in a male-dominated society. Its a purely feminist based showpiece.

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Asim Abbasi (Director of Churails) has opened a whole new dimension for Pakistani media entertainment by bringing this blazing and bold web series, he exhibits when circumstances leave no choice femininity is just put aside by women.

Asmi Abbasi get reviews on latest web series Churails


The series casts most talented artists from Pakistani media industry who have mastered the art of bringing characters to life apart from it these artists are rightly chosen for their bold attributes and stances towards the society that’s why they fit perfectly in the screenplay. Sarwat Gillani plays the character of “Sara” a working solicitor forcibly turned housewife, Yasra Rizvi plays the boldest character of “Jugnu” an alcoholic wedding planner, Nimra Bucha plays the role of a former prisoner “Batool” while Meherbano plays as an aspiring boxer named “Zubaida” who is in search of fame and success.

Churails Review: Heroines or Goons


The web series is based on 10 episodes and each episode is dazzling and suspenseful. The four main characters Sara, Jugnu, Batool, and Zubaida patch together dramatically and all of them are exhausted by relatable miseries of life and oppressed by the male-dominated society, they join hands to start a secret service in the disguise of a ladies boutique to help identify local women if their spouses are cheating them or not.

The series feels more delightful after every episode and it provides a perfect reflection of issues faced by women like harassment, abuse, and forced marriages in our society. The cherry on top of this series is the bold dialogues, fiery characters, and amazing acting skills of the cast.

Churails Review: Heroines or Goons


The series is produced by ZEE5 an entity of the ZEE media group of India, the media house solely shows Pakistani content in India on its channel Zindagi and this time they moved a step further by producing this web series.

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The web series got massive reviews and appreciation along with criticism on its dialogues, bold character, and degrading of men. Leading review sites rates this web series above the rating level of 7.

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Churails Review: Heroines or Goons

Honestly writing this series is a must-watch, the story is depicted amazingly, the actors have played their characters so well, and their delivery of dialogues, their conversation and screenplay are just amazing.
The beauty of this series actually lies in its cast which has taken the story to a new level of entertainment, for this web series I would say it’s just nicely done.
The story duly covers sensitive topics like patriarchy, harassment, homosexuality, women abuse but there’s nothing vulgar about it apart from few dialogues.
The scene where a mother is told about her son that he had pinched a woman’s butt, and when the mother goes back to her house and ask her son about it her husband interrupts and tells her he’s just kid and after all men will be men, this particular scene has drawn great attention of the audience.
The only drawback about this web series is its length because these ten episodes of one hour each are making it hard to watch with complete consistency whereas few people are saying the story doesn’t feel so real. After all, everything is happening so fast and easily for the characters, but indeed the web series is great and a must-watch.