Dua-e-Reem: Shoaib Mansoor release on Women’s day

Dua e Reem
Dua-e-Reem: Shoaib Mansoor release on Women's day

The director Shoaib Mansoor comes up with new song “Dua-e-Reem” means “Prayer of a woman” on 2020’s International women’s day to celebrate the women’s empowerment.

The songs show the period of pre-independence-before 1947 and beautifully decorated haveli having sangeet ceremony of a young bride, Mahira Khan undoubtedly and beautifully played the role of bride.

The video of more or less 8 minutes initiated with the group of singers sings the song inspired by Iqbal’s “Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua Ban Kay Tamanna Meri (My desires come to my lips like prayer)”. The song was actually a dua for the bride to compromise and to stay dedicated to her marriage and husband no matter she will go through abuse or domestic violence.

“Never complain about the looks or character of your husband”

The bride disagreed from their regressive prayers and sing for herself. The lyrics narrate that she will handle any injustice after marriage while praying it never comes her way.

Dua-e-Reem: Shoaib Mansoor release on Women's day

“To love my husband should be my conviction – not worship, slavery or total submission. You have created him a man, my Lord. Now, teach me how to make him a human.”

She prayed that they will never face conflicts and if there would be any differences they will embrace it together. It is perhaps every girls dua in every era.

If he likes bread and i like rice, our love should be such that we eat bread with rice

Beautifully written, directed and composed by Shoaib Mansoor and how brilliantly he turned children’s dua into dua for women.

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