Hina Ashfaq’s exclusive interview with us.

Hina Ashfaq
Hina Ashfaq

Hina Ashfaq is a model turned actress, recently seen in drama serial Alif alongside Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly. The Miss Veet Contestant was her first step in the entertainment industry and then there was no looking back.
The young art student has been associated with top-notch brands like Jazz, Hub, Hush-Puppies, Mantra, etc. She first debuts on screen in the drama Munkir and then a guest appearance in movie Thora Jee Le. She was recently seen in Alif which she was critically appraised for.
She recently gave Showbiz Pakistan an interview.

We asked Hina Ashfaq the following questions:

SP: Tell us about yourself.
Hina: Born and raised in Karachi, Punjabi by ethnicity. I completed my education in the year 2014 and pursued a job after that. In the meantime, I realized that this was not my interest hence pursue modeling as my profession.

SP: How was your experience in Alif?
Hina: My experience with alif drama is one of my most favorite so far. I can’t explain the love and appreciation I got regarding my work in this project.

BTS from drama serial “Alif” with Hamza Ali Abbasi
Hina Ashfaq's exclusive interview with us.
With Sajal Aly

SP: How are you making your quarantine productive?
Hina: I’m trying new things like something productive and of course trying to be positive in this situation.

SP: This or That
Biryani/Pizza?- biryani
Acting/Modelling?-both for sure
Eastern/Western? – Western

SP: What is the most unusual talent you have?
Hina: I can easily ignore someone who tries to pull me down and something which spoils my mood.

SP: Describe yourself in 3 words?
Hina: Sensitive: strong: positive

SP: Who is your inspiration?
Hina: My mother.

SP: What is your biggest fear?
Hina: To be alone and lonely.

SP: One thing you hate about yourself.
Hina: Overthinking.

SP: One thing you love about yourself.
Hina: I always try to see positivity in life.

SP: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Hina: Somewhere I deserve to be.

SP: Tell us about your weirdest dream.
Hina: I want to see Panda and Penguins in real.

SP: If you are stuck in an elevator, name 3 people you want to be present there.
Hina: It would be Matthew Daddario / Kartik Aryan / Fawad Khan

SP: Do you regret anything in your life?
Hina: No regrets only lessons.

Hina Ashfaq's exclusive interview with us.

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