In an exclusive interview with Tiktoker Warda Malik

The Hair Stylist Warda Malik is a 26-year-old girl living in Lahore. She is a fabulous Hair Stylist, Color Technician, and Fitness Instructor. She is a talented Pakistani TikToker with a great number of followers on TikTok and Instagram. She is well-known for her incredible acting skills. Her fans are obsessed with her hair and beauty eyes.

So good news for her fan. Because here we have an exclusive interview with Warda Malik.

Warda Malik

In conversation with us, we asked Warda Malik to tell about herself

She says I am a Hair Dresser and Color Technician. I am working in Tony & Guy DHA, I am a senior hairstylist there. I am a Lahori. I was living in Dubai, I came to Pakistan 2 years ago to complete my diploma’s and degrees. For 2 years I am in Pakistan. I am also a Yoga Trainer. I am making TikTok videos professionally for 6 months. Before that, I was just having fun. I celebrate my birthday on the 1st of January.

In an exclusive interview with Tiktoker Warda Malik

SP: When and how did you started making tiktok videos?

Warda Malik: Actually, It’s a funny story. A year ago I didn’t even know that there is an app like TikTok. Honestly, I didn’t even have any idea about the app. Actually I had forgotten the password of my mobile phone’s Apple ID. I recovered my Apple ID and then I was thinking which app should I download? My Cousin was sitting near me. He said “Here this is TikTok. It’s on top. Download this.” I downloaded it. I made and posted my first TikTok video in Salon just for Fun.

SP: How many views and likes did you get on your first video?

Warda Malik: When I posted my first video, then within 1 hour I got 4k followers and 20k likes on the video. And I was like “WOOOO! Well, This is how it happens. Let’s give it a try.”

SP: How old are you?

Warda Malik: I am 26 MashAllah.

SP: Why all the tiktokers are so young? like laibababy is 16 and manahilmalik is 17.

Warda Malik: They just say. I do look like 18, Just make my 2 braids and make me put on a frock, I’ll look like an 18-year-old girl. You are always recognized with your personality, not with your age.

SP: Who is your favourite TikToker? Name 1 boy and 1 Girl.

Warda Malik: I like Romaisa Khan as she is so natural. Her acting skills are amazing. Romaisa Khan and Areeka Haq both earn fame due to their own. They both are my favorite but if I have to choose one I’ll choose Romaisa Khan. And in boys, Zulqurnain is my favorite. As he is a good person. I had seen people talking bad about many TikToker Boys that they are using power, but I had never listened anything bad about Zulqurnain. Also, he is very talented.

SP: Name a tiktoker with whom you would like to make a video.

Warda Malik: There is no one in particular. When you become famous, you can easily access anybody. So, Honestly, there is no one with which I desperately want to make a video. But, If I have to shoot a comedy video, then I’ll like to shoot it with Zulqurnain.

SP: Whose TikTok video are you always waiting for?

Warda Malik: My brother Ali Malik. Except him, I haven’t been waiting for anyone’s video.

SP: What do you think about the trending topic “YouTube Vs. TikTok”. What would you prefer?

Warda Malik: I have no personal experience on YouTube. Many people told me to start my YouTube channel and earn but I haven’t experience YouTube yet. You get fame from TikTok. But when you compare TikTok and Likee, the Likee is such an app that is giving a lot of benefits. They have launched an official app in Pakistan which has crowns and challenges in it to earn money. They are paying you.

If I see Youtube and TikTok in earning point of view, then TikTok and YouTube both are not as important to me as Likee. It makes you earn good. It is the same as TikTok but with different rules. You can’t use any logo on it especially the TikTok logo. But I don’t have any craze for Youtube. That’s why I am okay with TikTok and Likee.

SP: Are you Watching Ertugrul? If yes then what is your review about this mind-blowing Turkish Drama?

Warda Malik: OMG!!!! Everybody told me to watch this drama series. But watching so many episodes is insane. After seeing this many episodes I don’t even bother to watch episode 1. I can’t do this. I don’t have this much time. And I can’t keep the suspense. If I watch a serial I would complete it as soon as possible.

During the lockdown, I had started watching “YOU” and you can’t believe I had finished both seasons in 1 day. I can literally watch 24 hours. Just because my cousin said that you’ll find out whether the boy is right or not in the last episode. Due to this line, I have to complete it within 24 hours. I am so crazy actually.

SP: You have completed 1M followers. What do you feel about it?

Warda Malik: That feels something like you know WOOOOO!!!! I just remember that I had prayed in Ramadan that Please Allah! Before Eid, complete my 1M. Because everybody was asking “Why are you not reaching to 1M?”. My friends and colleagues have more craze then me. They kept on saying like other people are having 1M, why are you not reaching to it? I remember it was Eid’s First day, my brother called me on chand raat saying that I have to upload video after every 3 hours. Because he so desperately wanted me to reach up to 1M by tomorrow.

Honestly, it was 9 am and I opened my ID and there were 99.9k followers. And after 10-15 minutes, I again checked my ID and I literally shouted. Because my brother and my group member have more craze than me and they had done a lot of hard work. Whether it’s day or night, raining or sunshine, They are always here supporting me. I have to do this for them. And Alhamdulilah I had completed. Behind mine 1M there’s my brother Ali Malik.


thank you so much all my friends and-fans to support me My Allah giving you all happiness in this world Ameen? Alhamdulillah for 1 million ?

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SP: Who’s your inspiration?

Warda Malik: My MOM!!! She is the only person who supports me, cares about me, loves me a lot, and always trust me. Whatever I am today is because of my Mother. My manners, behavior, my work, and my skill everything is due to her.

SP: How do you deal with criticism?

Warda Malik: Those people who are doing criticism on the back never see your hard work. Sometimes, there’s so much we are undergoing through to make the video. Like, sometimes the body is burning due to heat while shooting video. But when you post the video, you’ll see it 10 times and you’ll not find anything bad. And when people started to see it, some legends appear on the post.

I didn’t even know who the legends are. I did not use to read my comments before. My gym partner asked me that are you not reading your comments? And when I saw those comments I had to face depression due to them. I have to see a psychiatrist who helped me to overcome this. He gave me three options:

  1. Do whatever you want to do.
  2. Face the people.
  3. Delete your app.

Then I decided after seeing comments on other people’s profiles. Same comments, Respect Hijab, You are not a Muslim. The worst comments are, “You have a tattoo on your body, You are not a Muslim.” Who the fuck are you to decide I am Muslim or not? This is the matter between me and my Allah. This is a comment which is unbearable for me. I even go to fight with the people who criticize me.

In an exclusive interview with Tiktoker Warda Malik

SP: What do you want to say to your fans?

Warda Malik: First of all people who are doing bad comments I want to say to them that if they really wanted to know us, then they should come and spend one day with us and see how we make videos in this heat, while our skin is burning. They should face all these things with us. Then we’ll ask them what type of comments do we deserve. And for those people who are always supporting us, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! These 1M people are not my fans, I am their fan. Because we are here just because of them.

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