Internet Is Going Crazy Over Little Balochi Sea Surfer: Venous Baloch

A balochi girl named Venous Baloch from Baluchistan is going viral on internet because of her excellent surfing skills. Pakistan rarely have such talents but this 9 year old girl has literally blown all of us away. Her pictures are taking rounds on twitter and every one is appreciating her for her tremendous skills on twitter.

Not just Venous Baloch is exceptionally talented but she is gorgeous as well. Her beautiful smile and her culture vibes makes us adore her even more.

balochi girl
Venous Baloch

Tweets On Balochi Surfer:

Among all of the social media platforms twitter is the one which made this girl viral. Twitter is exploding with so many tweets which clearly shows how much proud we are of this little sweetheart and we want such talents to embrace Pakistan even more.

Some of the m couldn’t believe that Venous Baloch is 9 years old.

Some of them gave her blessings.

This girl made herself a balochi girl’s day.

Some of them were sure that she’ll make us more proud.

Khel shel tweeted:

Some of them hope that she make up to World Surf League so does us!

Some of them has seen someone surfing in Pakistan for the first time and it is relatable for us as well.