Pakistani Celebrities Who are Suffering from CoronaVirus

The epic CoronaVirus has assumed control over the whole world. The infectious illness has spread everywhere throughout the world and subsequent to assuming control over most of the nations, it has struck Pakistan. Shockingly, Covid-19 is at its top in the nation, and with the inoculation being a couple of months from being imagined and generally accessible around the world, the country is languishing. Covid-19 is being trifled with and regardless of the nation going under lockdown, the infection keeps on spreading with new cases getting announced each and every day.

Coronavirus is infectious and it is an autonomous old enough section, this is the reason kids, grown-ups, and more seasoned individuals, nobody is sheltered from it. When the lockdown was declared in Pakistan in March 2020, practically all the big names began watching social separating and went into isolate mode. Nonetheless, there were a couple of famous people who because of business-related responsibilities needed to bargain and couldn’t be in the lockdown for longer timeframes. This is the means by which they wound up getting the novel coronavirus and every one of them is currently self-disconnecting.

These are the Pakistani big names who have contracted CoronaVirus:

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir took it to her internet based life to declare that in the wake of getting tested for Covid-19, her outcomes returned positive. Nida Yasir has been self-isolating and is collaborating with her fans and supporters through Instagram. She has said that she got the infection from her significant other Yasir Nawaz, anyway, she doesn’t have any indications.

Individuals expected that in light of the fact that Nida was proceeding to do morning shows in any event, during the lockdown and recorded Eid shows in advance, she must’ve contracted it from somebody on the sets however she clarified that it was not the situation. Nida Yasir’s little girl Sila Yasir likewise tested positive. Luckily, her children Fareed and Balaj’s outcomes came out negative so they are likewise in disengagement while the remainder of the family recoups from the infection.

Pakistani Celebrities Who are Suffering from CoronaVirus
Pakistani Celebrities Who are Suffering from CoronaVirus

Yasir Nawaz

Yasir Nawaz tested out positive and wound up being a carrier for his significant other Nida Yasir just as his little girl Sila Yasir. With Yasir Nawaz right now chipping away at his on-going show Mera Dil Mera Dushman, it is accepted that he was proceeding with his work while avoiding potential risk however it despite everything wound up being insufficient to forestall the withdrawal. Yasir Nawaz appears to have mellow indications yet he is likewise with his family and recuperating admirably. He took it to online networking to report that any gossipy tidbits identified with his wellbeing weren’t right and that he was recouping fine and dandy.

Naveed Raza

Naveed Raza additionally tested positive. Tragically most of the cast of Mera Dil Mera Dushman got influenced by Coronavirus. The updates on Naveed Raza getting the sickness didn’t make it to internet-based life until Nida Yasir herself affirmed in one of the comments that out of the cast of Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Naveed Raza additionally got influenced.

Noaman Sami

Nida Yasir was the person who affirmed that out of the considerable number of individuals from the group of Mera Dil Mera Dushman that she knew, Noaman Sami likewise contracted CoronaVirus. Noaman Sami himself didn’t offer any expression about it anyway him being around a bunch of affectees makes it appear that he also must’ve gotten the infection because of its infectious nature.

Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah additionally didn’t offer any expression about contracting coronavirus yet with her bae Noman Sami and co-entertainers of Mera Dil Mera Dushman getting influenced, almost certainly, she too went under contact with the influenced individuals and wound up having CoronaVirus. Alizeh Shah enjoyed a little reprieve from the online networking and now when she posted, it was for the most part about how individuals underestimate endowments, for example, wellbeing, it was sufficient to accept that she must’ve made some unpleasant memories and is currently progressing nicely.

Abrar ul Haq

Abrar ul Haq himself took it to the online life to report that he stepped through the examination for the Coronavirus and they came out positive. Before stepping through the examination he previously shared that he was having a few indications and exhibiting himself as a mindful individual, he previously cautioned everybody whom he interacted with to take prudent steps. He additionally said that he is self-isolating yet will keep on helping out his foundation work through Skype meetings.

Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf happens to have additionally contracted coronavirus. The updates on her nearby entertainer executive Sakina Samo began coursing via web-based networking media. Since the time Rubina Ashraf has not offered any expression however Sakina Samo’s ongoing post being cheerful confirms the news to be valid.

Sakina Samo

Sakina Samo likewise contracted Coronavirus. Anyway tragically in this season of self-segregation, the updates on her dying began flowing and it transformed into a bad dream when columnists attempted to reach her, while totally overlooking her desire to stay quiet during intense occasions. Sakina Samo posted an image of her and Rubina Ashraf, being confident this also will pass.

Maria Memon

Columnist Maria Memon likewise contracted Coronavirus. She chose to take it to web-based life and as opposed to stressing over how she would defeat it, she will utilize this as a chance to transform it into an exchange. She has been keeping everybody refreshed about what she is feeling and the starter pack that is required to help with the sufferings.

Gharida Farooqi

News Journalist Gharida Farooqi additionally took it to her twitter to report that she had created mellow manifestations and after getting tried, she discovered that the outcomes were sure. She boldly expressed that there was no disgrace in getting the infection. Truth be told what was significant was to self-disengage, report it, and treat it properly.

These are the big names who have contracted CoronaVirus as of late. We wish quick recuperation for every one of them and supplicate they recapture their wellbeing quickly.