Tahir Shah’s new song “Farishta” invites hilarious memes that will make your day better

Tahir Shah's new song "Farishta" invites hilarious memes that will make your day better

With the lockdown putting us all in gloomy moods. Pakistani singer Tahir Shah has proven to be a ray of hope yet again for many of us! This song was planned to release on 3rd April, but later it was postponed till 10th April, and the anticipation was crazy!

Fans were going impatient for Tahir Shah’s new song and thank God it’s finally here.

Tahir Shah shared the news form his twitter account his new song Farishta and people just can’t stop making memes.
Remember the meme-worthy song Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah that set the internet on fire with its catchy lyrics.

Tahir Shah, on Friday, released the new song on YouTube. Farishta comes after his last song “Angel” which he published in 2016.

However, for the first time, Shah was missing from the visuals of his song, and honestly, we think that is the only best thing about it. Instead, the song features animated visuals of a young boy, a floating mermaid and a fairy.

The lyrics of song, “Main Farishta insaan hu, Bina tere Muhabbaat aisi rehti tanha jalpari jaisi.” And, “Hum sab farishte ho sakte hain, ek Farishta insaan sitaron jesi chamak rkhta hai.”

After Shah releases his new song on his official Twitter account, the internet was filled with memes and jokes on it.
Since being released, the song has already garnered around 100k views and 2.4k likes on YouTube.