Top 10 OSTs of Pakistan


The wide range of original sound track in Pakistan Television Industry is booming around. The talented artist showcase their creativity by connecting storyline of drama with chorus of the songs is admireable. The Pakistan Televion Industry give us many super-duper OSTs from years. The extremely emotional outburst and full of feelings sound tracks are hard to listed as which one is more natural but let’s start with the old gem.

10. Doraha OST old yet gold

The TV series Doraha with full of emotions and flawless family life depiction aired in 2008 on Geo Entertainment. The OST steal the hearts of many viewers as it was from our very own Jal-The Band. Enjoy the blending of soothing voice and mesmerizing lyrics with epic music, “Tum Kahan Chal Diye”.

9. Hamsafar OST

The thriving drama Hamsafar had sonorous original sound track ‘Wo humsafar tha” in the voice of Quratul-ain-Baloch gives another meaning to the show.

8. Shehr e Zaat

The beautiful drama Shehr-e-Zaat with difficult concept was all hit but the OST “Yaar- Ko Hum Ne Ja-Baja Dekha” sung by legendary Abida Parveen Phenomenal voice lit the essence of story.

7. Balaa

The story of revenge, jealousy and insecurities made up the sound track maintaining the suspense in Faiza Mujahid voice and revealing curiosity of Zohaib Hassan’s voice harmonized the track.

6. Khamoshi

The OST of romantic television series Khamoshi, hit the viewer’s heart. The harmonious sound track “Main Tera Naam Btaon Kis Ko” in the musical voice of Bilal Abbas and Shumaila Khan got 14M views on YouTube.

5. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Soulful music “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” go straight into the heart, composed by Sami Khan got more than 2M views. The Rahma Ali with Muqadran and sania finest vocals sounds perfect with soothing synchronization.

4. Yaariyaan

Mystical vocals of Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Bina Khan rocked the title song Yaariyan.

3. Do bol OST

Together Nabeel  Shaukat and Aima Baig with the composer Naveed Naushad just rocked the sound track of Do Bol, “Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya”.

2. Rangreza

O’ Rangreza sung by Sahir Ali Baga just bangs on the vocals. The chords making the sound more deep and it cannot be done without enchanting composition. Sassi, the outrageous and stubborn character of Sajal Ali, immensely define by the sound track.

1. Khaani

Award winning Khaani’s OST of 2019, “Kaisa Yeh Marz Hai Ishq Ishq” having more than 39M views on YouTube sung in a magical voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the most admirable magnum opus.