Ali Sethi just released his new single


When Ali Sethi is singing, you just want to close your eyes and get lost in his melodious voice. His full of love and heartbreak vocals makes you feel all sorts of emotions. He has blessed us with really beautiful songs over the years which we can never get enough of.

This discription cannot be put into better words:

Ali Sethi just released his new single

Recently, Ali Sethi has collaborated with Noah Georgeson, a musician and composer, for his new single. “Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq” is based on a ghazal by Siraj Aurangabadi. The song has a relaxing soft tune and goes really well with Sethi’s mellow voice and Georgeson’s acoustic composition. His gentle vocals bring out the beauty of the track.

The track’s video is not an elaborated one, it shows the duo performing in a studio and it couldn’t be better than this.

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