Ehtesham Uddin’s upcoming movie ‘Dum Mastam’


Adnan Siddiqui broke the news that Cereal Entertainment are excited to announce their first film ‘Dum Mastam’ which will be on our screens in the following year. It will be directed by Ehtesham Uddin whose ‘Superstar’ is on top of the chart and breaking the records and people will expect the same from this new film.

Imran Ashraf who gained a lot of fame with his spectacular acting skills in ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ will be in the lead role of ‘Dum Mastam’. The ‘Belapur ki Dayan’ Amar Khan will also be seen and Momin Saqib – the instagram sensation – whose video went viral after Pakistan lost to India during World Cup will also be appearing in this new project of Ehtesham Uddin.

As of now, we just know that the movie is a romantic comedy starring great actors and written by the actor Amar Khan herself. We can’t wait to see Bhola’s acting and what the movie has to offer once it’s released.