Get to know Mehrunisa!

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SPPK recently got a chance to talk with the actress/ model Mehrunisa and we learned a lot about her. This article is solely for the fans who want to get to know Mehrunisa!

get to know Mehrunisa

Get to know Mehrunisa!

1- Tell us about yourself
“It’s me Mehrunisa and right now am doing modeling plus am an actress and a passionate woman to achieve my goals.” She told SPP!

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Get to know Mehrunisa!

2- Who would you say you draw your strength from?
She said, “I got my back and draw my strength from myself.” Pretty badass if you ask us!

3- As an actress/model , what does success mean to you?
“When you’re doing your favorite things.” she told us.

4- The most inspiring figure from the industry?
Mehrunisa told us that, “Yumna Zaidi is such an inspiring lady in our industry.”

Get to know Mehrunisa!

5- If there was one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?

“I will try to eradicate nepotism from industry.” She let SPPK know.

6- What is the one thing Mehrunisa will never do?

Mehrunisa told us that she would never do a fashion show!

7- Circling back to work, a great script or a great cast – what matters more?

“A great script matters to me more.” she let us know as we get to know Mehrunisa.

Get to know Mehrunisa!

8- When did you start acting and how many projects have you done so far?
“I started my acting two years back and have done 3 projects Ishqkiya, Bewaja, and Sehar.” she let us know.

9- What projects are you currently working on?
She told us that she is coming soon on ARY!

Get to know Mehrunisa!

10- Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
She ended her interview by saying, “Allah knows better. I have never thought about it.”

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