Getting personal with Saeeda imtiaz

Saeed Imtiaz is a model turned film star who is better known for her film Kaptaan & Wajood.

We got chance to ask her a few questions and here is what Saeeda Imtaz said in response to our questions.

Q:1 Tell us about yourself?

A: I’m a Kashmiri Pakistani/American as I was born in UAE and raised in New York (USA). My family resides in all around the London. I love acting and dancing and wanted to be an actress since childhood.

Q2: What type of movie do you like to act in the most?

A: I would love to perform challenging roles because I believe in versatility.

Q3: What are your upcoming projects?

A: My upcoming projects are Kaptaan (I shoot for it all over again), Qulfee and Thori setting thora Pyaar. All these are different genres and close to my heart.

Q4: How does it feel to be popular?

A: Obviously it feels great but I still got a lot to achieve and there is a long way to go.

Q5: What inspired you? Did someone’s first impression have a good effect on you?

A: Yeah different movies do inspire me. As far as effect of first impression is concerned, it depend on situation to situation. However, I adore honest people.

Q6: Any funny interaction with fans? If yes, please share a story.

A: All my fans are cute. Everyone has his own perspective and I respect their views and no problem if someone don’t like me. It’s okay how they judge me because they do not know me personally. I’m fine with this.

Q7: In Pakistan, it’s not common for an actress to upload bikini’s photos. How you handle this?

A: I live in my own little world where I do not tend to hurt someone. I just focus on my work and here I want to entertain in the long run. I’m mentally prepared for both love and criticism while staying in the field of media.

Q8: Share your perfect body secret & skin care routine.

A: I walk for 30 to 45 minutes depending upon my mood and schedule. I use natural oils for my skin and don’t use expensive products at all. My skin is super sensitive therefore, I totally relay on natural products.

Q10: What’s your point of view about casting couch?

A: I’m sure it exists all around the world and it depends on person to person but I believe in working on merit brings a peace to one’s soul. By the way I’m too blunt and straight forward at times so people don’t think of messing around. I’m also kind but I speak up as I know how and when to say Nay.

Q9: Any message to your fans?

A: I love you all regardless of any criticism. Please keep loving and supporting me.

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saeeda imtiaz death drama happened on April 18.

where she claimed someone hacked her Instagram and announced her fake death.