Hadiqa Kiani paid tribute to Ertugrul series and Turkey

Hadiqa Kiani, a singer, a song writer, a living legend who was favorably disposed to music from her childhood. She is well known artist not just in Pakistan but also across the world due to her achievements in her field.

Hadiqa Kiani received numerous awards from all over the world and performed at such places where people just dreamt to be there.

Recently, she gave tribute to Ertugrul, Sezen Aksu (Turkish singer and a song writer) and Turkish people by singing Turkish song of Sezen Aksu, which she sang in 2005 being the representative of Pakistan in iconic Ataturk Cultural Center and Opera House.

A Tribute to Sezen Aksu

As Hadiqa kiani’s maternal ancestors were form Izmir, Turkey, so she had great affinity for turkey since her childhood. She represent Pakistan in children’s festival in Turkey, she mentioned that the love she get from Turkey is uncomparable.

hadiqa kiani

She added that Turkey always stood behind Pakistan in his bad and good times, she also conveyed Pakistan’s love for Turks, but now in 2020 due to this drama, it’s a new milestone in a relationship of Pakistan and Turkey so she thought it’s a best time to pay a tribute to the people of Turkey by releasing a song of Sezen Aksu, “Sen Aglama”. It’s video is edited by Abdullah Haris.

Also she received a phenomenal response from both countries