In conversation with Janice Tessa

THE BRWON GIRL JANICE TESSA” , is a 23 years old girl living in Lahore. She flaunts her bronze skin-tone with boldness that makes her more attractive and carries it flawlessly. She is talented Pakistani muser with a great number of followers on Tiktok and Instagram. She is greatly known for her slomos and her expressions that would make you believe that they are real.No doubt She’s a national crush right now, Her fan loves her smiles the most.

In conversation with Janice Tessa

In an exclusive interview with, we asked Janice tessa to tell about herself.

She answered interestingly, I’m Janice Tessa, student of film and t.v. I’m kinda self-obsessed and there’s a lot moree.

SB: Describe yourself in 2-3 words?

JT: I would describe myself as strong, loving and a lazy person.

SB:What motivates you in life?

JT: strongly reply with “MY PAST”

SB:Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

JT: answered hopefully: On a big screen.

SB: your fans are curious to know about your religion?

JT: I belong to Christianity, that’s all I gotta say about this.

SB: What is difference between tiktok and likee app. Which one do you prefer/

JT: I prefer Tiktok, because likeeapp has so many rules and stuff and it doesn’t give you the hype you deserve. On the other hand on tiktok people give you the hype if you’re deserving.

Janice tessa

SB: do you earn from tiktok? If so then how much?

Janice: I don’t earn from tiktok, but the fame I got from tiktok is beneficial for me in a way.

SB: What advice would you like o give to youngsters using tiktok?

Janice: To the youngsters I would like to say that don’t take tiktok as your career, cause it’s not. try to be more realistic and practical, it is just an entertainment which is temporary. Don’t forget to focus on your real life aswell.

SB: Does people criticize you over your color or pass hurtful comments? or do you tackle it?

Janice: Yes, I am a victim of racism. I just ignore them.

SB: Want to say something to the girls out there who is suffering with the same issue?

Janice: I wanna say, you need to love yourself so you don’t bother what people talk about you or tell you, cause you know you are the best. Self love is very important you just need to love yourself on order to live a happy life.

Some of her fans also questioned her!!

Here we go

In conversation with Janice Tessa

Q: What are your hobbies and do you manage your studies with tiktok?

She just answered: I don’t have much hobbies. I sing and yess! online shopping.

Q: Do you talk to normal people like who are not famous?

Janice said, I don’t reply online a lot cause that’s difficult. But if you talk about in person yes I do talk to normal people or fans.

Q: Tiktok fame in one word?

Janice instantly replied, Temporary.

Q: Who is sajeel Bear to you?

Janice: brother.

Q: Which app you used to edit your latest pictures?

In conversation with Janice Tessa

Janice: Picsart.

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One of her follower commented on this video ” Perfect video on this sound ” & we couldn’t agree more after watching.



♬ Her – Shubh



♬ original sound – Reeja Jeelani

Drama List

Below is a list of all the dramas in which she has appeared.

Drama NameRelease DateChannel Name
Habs2022ARY Digital

Let’s take a look at Janice Tessa’s biography, Age, Real Name,Date of Birth,Religion and other interesting facts.

Real Name:Janice Tessa
Profession:Actress, Model, TikToker, Content Creator
Age in 2022:23 years old
Birth Place:Lahore
Date of BirthOctober,26 1998
Home Town:Lahore

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