Snip Bits On Sana Fakhar’s Life Through Exclusive Interview

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Sana Fakhar is a renowned actress and model of Pakistan. She is famous for her acting in dramas and films. Some of her most famous recent dramas in which she played a tremendous role include the following:

·  Alif Allah Or Insan (2017-2018)

·  O Rangreza (2017-2018)

·  Seep (2018)

·  Bay Dardi (2018)

·  Babban Khala Ki Betiyan (2018-2019)

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Pakistan, Sana responded to some fun and interesting questions by giving her output and letting us know a little bit about her life and personality. For instance, when asked her who would she like to take on a date with her in space and why, she answered by saying, “cell phone because I can go live from there.” We surely would love to see a live chat from space! 

Furthermore, we asked her a series of other questions and here is what she had to say about them. 

We asked her what projects she is currently working on? And which project is going to release first in the upcoming days?

Sana answered that she is working on three projects for TV and one movie and that her first project (Tu Mera janoon) will be aired in October on Geo TV. Make sure you stay tuned! 

Furthermore, we asked Sana which celebrity does she believe to be the most influential and her answer was the absolute stunning Sahir Lodhi 

Now for some personal insight questions!

Showbizpakistan asked the actress what is something she spends the most on and Sana replied by saying her workout kits!! We definitely support a health-loving actress! 

Snip Bits On Sana Fakhar’s Life Through Exclusive Interview

When questioned if she believes in love at first sight, Sana said “nope.” This answer further solidifies our opinion that good looks are not the only thing to look for! 

I think we all can agree that to some extent we have won singing competition in our bathrooms with our jaw dropping voices. To see how much of a bathroom singer Sana is, Showbizonline asked her whether she sings in the bathroom or not and her reply definitely did NOT shock us when she said “yes I [do] sometimes.” 

Lastly, we wanted to ask Sana who does she love more, her friends, her parents, siblings, or herself and what does she do when she is not working. Sana spreading the self-love campaign said that she loves herself more and that she likes to spend time with her family when she is not working. 

We hope this article gave you a quick insight on the beautiful actress Sana Fakhar’s life and we would like to thank Sana for giving us her precious time and being kind enough to answer the questions!